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Why do we work?

This question comes up in many circles and has many responses.  Sometimes it's just to put food on the table and a roof over our heads.  Sometimes it's to engage in something satisfying and purposeful.  Oftentimes it's because somebody else said this is what you should do. 

We started 3 Circle Software to spend time doing something we cared about - that being to use technology to move technology out of the way.  We wanted to rekindle the excitement of seeing everyday working people using technology without thinking they are using it.  To see them managing interactions without losing eye contact with their customer.  To not have to 'think about it'.  And, for goodness sake, to not create a larger technology jungle to have to navigate through.

That's why our motto is Your World without IT.

We strive to create solutions for the retail and transaction workplace that lessens the Information Technology burden while working so seamlessly that people don't have to 'think about it'.  Our designs are focused on form and function, developed with our customers not just for them.

See how we have helped firearm retailers improve their businesses and lives.

Or how we can help developers span the divide between a local financial system and their cloud based applications.